Matthew Eriksen


Freelance Photo Producer
(Remember, contact info is for job opportunities only.  Please no solicitations.)

In a Nutshell
Matthew Eriksen is a Suffolk University grad and photo producer in Boston. His years of studying Advertising/Graphic Design with a focus in Art Direction has given Matthew the creative eye and business mindset necessary to excel as a producer. Matthew tends to collaborate with Boston photographers Jared Leeds, Glenn Scott and Bob Packert on a range of shoots varying from in-studio product to on-location fashion. What he loves more than anything is connecting people with possibilities: taking their creative visions and making them a reality, doing what others shy away from and bringing the impossible to life. As a producer, he challenges himself to think bigger, be greater and do better. He finds the Boston photo community is very supportive: “Whether you’re a producer, agent, creative, stylist or shooter, we’re all in this together. It’s not uncommon for one to send work to a friend or colleague when they have to pass on a job—and that camaraderie makes it all worth it.” In his downtime he enjoys reading screenplays, discovering craft beers or watching British television…with a glass of chardonnay in hand.

What Does He Do?
• Sourcing photographers/directors • Estimating, negotiating, invoicing and licensing • Location scouting and permitting • Casting actors, models and real people • Crew (photo assistants, digital techs, PAs) • Equipment rentals • Prop, wardrobe, hair and makeup • Catering and craft services • Studio and set management • Travel, lodging and base camps • Production schedule and call sheets • Editors + retouching • Manage delivery of all raw + final retouched assets to client

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Matt lives in Boston, but will work anywhere remotely.

Where Do People Who Have Worked with Matthew Want You To Know About Him?
Katie Sharrow-Reabe – Carbone Smolan
“We needed help with a rather atypical photo shoot and Matthew didn’t bat an eye at our requests. He was very responsive and organized, and made sure that both before and during the shoot we had everything we needed. I would definitely work with Matthew again, and look forward to doing so.”

Anna Nillni – Cambridge BioMarketing
“Matthew was a true pleasure to work with during a recent photo shoot. He was attentive, helpful and on top of everything! He was fun and easy going and made the day stress-free. I really enjoyed working with Matthew and would love to have the chance to work with him again!”

Jared Leeds – Photographer
“Matthew has worked with me numerous times on fairly complex photo shoots. His skill, attention to detail and tire-less work ethic has made my job so much easier. I only have to worry about making strong pictures when he is on set and that’s the way it should be. Not only is he buttoned up in regard to shoot details but he also great with client relations. He makes me look good. I can’t recommend Matthew enough!”

Glenn Scott – Photographer
“When I work with Matthew I have nothing to do except watch the light and focus on making pictures that make clients happy. His top-notch attention to detail and ability to manage people, locations, time and even weather, make him an absolute pleasure to work with.”

What Are Some Fun Projects He Has Worked On?



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