Rachael Lieberman


Creative Producer
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What does she do?
Rachael has been helping create compelling photographic content in the entertainment space for the past 13 years. She’s a problem solver who loves a challenge and considers herself to be a spirited, agile leader. She loves creating new relationships, but is fiercely loyal and continues to maintain many of the ones she formed years ago. This key characteristic makes her quite effective at leveraging resources to increase productivity without compromising the integrity of the work.  While Rachael enjoys her time in publishing and television, she’s also interested in exploring some new territory (advertising, music, video etc.) and believes her enthusiasm and collaborative nature will translate regardless of the subject or medium.

In a Nut Shell
Photo, Video, Production, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Photo Research, Photo Editing, Advertising, Marketing, Editorial, Social, Digital, Project Management, CMS, Celebrity, Budgeting, Negotiating Contracts, Innovative, Collaborative, Efficient, Communicative

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Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Rachael is based in Los Angeles and is willing to work in LA, NYC, and remotely.

What Do People Who Have Worked with Rachael Want You To Know About Her?
Tom (TJ) managed Rachel directly Hulu
“Rachael came in for a long-term contract to help us set up a entirely new Photo Editor process. She’s incredibly professional, knowledgable, has deep industry contacts, and also bring a strong creative eye to her work. It is a pleasure to partner with Rachael and I look forward to crossing paths again and again.”

Denielle Bertarelli-Webb  VP, Marketing & PR, SundanceTV at AMC Networks
“Rachael is a rare combination of artistic and business savvy. I have seen her successfully juggle multiple projects down to the final detail, while always keeping an eye on the big picture. She is sensitive to timelines and budgets, and always keeps her projects moving forward. Whether she is delegating or getting in the weeds herself, she knows what it takes — and is always willing to jump right in — to get things done. Her relationships with photographers, photo editors and those who report in to her are a testament to her skills as a manager. What’s more, she is always a pleasure to deal with and the consummate professional.”

Andrzej Polakiewicz – Creative Director at NBCUniversal
“Rachael possesses the perfect mix of creativity, collaboration and can-(and will)-do spirit. Having worked on several projects with her, I have come to appreciate and rely on her indispensable vision, communication and follow-through. Never wilting form a challenge, she always goes above and beyond to get things done. Her boundless energy is preternatural and always keeps things moving and on schedule. She’s communicative, easy to get along with, and maintains and cultivates great relationships with the industry’s top photographers, set designers and talent. Rachel’s honest, deliberate and hard working. And at the end of the day, she’s aware and ready to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. Her attention to detail, eye for aesthetic and her passion make every single project shine.” 

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?



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