Frank Meo

Freelance Estimating & Negotiation 
973 896 8680

In a Nut Shell
Frank has worked with photographers for thirty years estimating and negotiated on their behalf and    has worked with every major ad agency on every type of consumer account.

What Does He do?
Frank’s main focus is work with photographers on a freelance basis to help them secure high value assignments.

Website/Resume/Other Links
Projections Live
The Photo Closer

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Frank is based in NYC and Florida and he is available to work remotely within the US as well.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Frank Want You To Know About Him?

Sean GilliganNYC Photographer
“If you know Frank, then you know he stands out. In my experience working with this consummate professional, time and time again, Frank uses his years of experience to turn every situation, however tricky, into an opportunity. Frank is able to quickly recognize the potential to achieve a positive result, and has mastered the ability to teach others how to do this.   Let’s face it, bidding a job, even to the seasoned professional is challenging, and Frank has a way of helping negotiate personality as well as the numbers, logistics and all that goes into nailing a bid and being awarded the job.  Often, during an experience of dealing with a demanding client or prospective client, after conversing with Frank, I feel that I couldn’t pay him enough for his prompt attention, his genuine engagement in my creative process and his insight. That being said, Frank’s fees are one business expense that I am happy to budget for, as I always feel that I am getting way more than I actually paid for.  Needless to say, I very highly recommend Frank Meo and the photo closer. If you don’t yet know Frank, I would strongly recommend seeking him out as a business ally, your expectations will most certainly be exceeded.”   

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