Mara Serdans

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Freelance Senior Art Producer

In a Nut Shell
Mara has been an art producer for more than 10 years, having honed her broad range of skills at award-winning agencies Deutsch in Los Angeles and Designory in Long Beach. She has worked on a variety of accounts including Volkswagen, Infiniti/Nissan, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dr Pepper, PlayStation, Zillow, Anthem, Diamond Nuts, Uber, and Angel Soft.

Prior to her time in LA, she worked as an assistant photo editor at Essence Magazine in NYC where she hired artists and produced a range of shoots for the fashion, beauty, food, culture/entertainment and center of the book sections. She began her professional career working in public relations.

Mara has a passion for bringing an art director’s vision to life. She uses this passion to help source the perfect artist for the job, all on time and within budget. Mara has a knack for balancing client needs and those of the creative team – be it animated gifs, video, retail, OOH, etc. She has garnered long-standing relationships with top artist agents, photographers, illustrators, animators, post-production houses and CGI vendors. No matter how big or small the job, Mara’s keen eye for details and creative problem-solving skills makes every project a success.

Mara earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising/Mass Communications from Boston University and an Associate’s Degree in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC graduating Summa Cum Laude.

What Does She Do?
Ballparks – Estimating – Negotiating Bids + Licensing – Working with Cost Consultants – Creating Mood boards – Stock Research/Licensing – Business Affairs – Talent Negotiations – Re-Licensing – Location Scouting – Casting – Image Editing – Manage Retouching – Onsite Production Support – Integrating Shoots with Broadcast – Wrangling Creatives

Website/Resume/Other Links
Photo Politic
Mara’s Mix blog 

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Mara lives in Los Angeles, and is willing to work there, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Remote.

What Do People Who Have Worked with Mara Want You To Know About Her?
Under Construction

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
Under Construction


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