Noah Wilker

Noah Wilker
Senior Art Producer

In a Nut Shell
It never gets old.

Every project brings the excitement of new ideas, people, locations, talent, and most of all –
new challenges to overcome.

That’s why I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

I’ve partnered with some of the brightest makers in the industry to produce shoots large and small, original illustrations and fonts, murals and installations.

Clients I’ve worked with cover a spectrum of industries, including Delta Air Lines, American Express, T-Moblie, PPG, Taco Bell, Sprint, Sun Trust, GMC, Bank of America, eBay, Silk, Baskin Robbins and WWE – just to name a few.

I’m driven by the challenge, and the fun, of making superlative creative ideas come to life. Reach out any time.

What Does He Do?
Manage all aspects of photography production and content procurement • Oversee and execute all job estimates, contracts, production schedules, and releases (property / talent / location) • Serve as primary resource to match visual identity of brands and campaigns with the appropriate resources and talent • Maintain established relationships with photographers, illustrators, reps, retouchers, stock content providers and studios • Partner with legal teams to assess risk and feasibility of all creative concepts, emerging legal and copyright issues and contracts • Manage post production (image selection, asset delivery, retouching) • Manage final production billing • Research, negotiate and license stock content • Enjoy the ride.

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Noah is based in New York and Connecticut and available to travel anywhere.

What Are Some Fun Projects He Has Worked On?


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