Michele Doucette


Freelance Photo/Art Producer
+1 617 529 1355
(Remember, contact info is for job opportunities only.  Please no solicitations.)

In a Nutshell
Michele is a New England School of Photography grad and the owner/executive producer of MDP. With over 20 years of commercial photography experience, on both the creative and business sides of the industry, she brings a unique perspective to every project. Michele is always up for a challenge; the more unique ‘the ask’, the more driven she becomes to finding the perfect solution. She loves finding that needle in the haystack—real pinup girls, exotic animals, historic mansions by the sea, or unique characters off the street—and is often found taking mental (and physical) snapshots of anything and everything for her production database. To Michele, the most rewarding part of being a producer is the joy she feels when the final images are released and remembering how much collective effort went into bringing each tiny detail together. In her downtime, Michele finds comfort in life’s little things—she loves rescuing animals, photographing wildlife and ballroom dancing. She lives in CT with her husband Phil and her horse Hattrick.

What Does She Do?
• Sourcing photographers/directors • Estimating, negotiating, invoicing and licensing • Location scouting and permitting • Casting actors, models and real people • Crew (photo assistants, digital techs, PAs) • Equipment rentals • Prop, wardrobe, hair and makeup • Catering and craft services • Studio and set management • Travel, lodging and base camps • Production schedule and call sheets • Editors + retouching • Manage delivery of all raw + final retouched assets to client

Website/Resume/Other Links
Production Hub
Art Buyers Bible
ESPN – Boston Bruins
Sports Illustrated – Boston Marathon

 Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Michele lives in Boston, but will work anywhere remotely.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?






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