Maura Boland

Maura MV

Freelance Senior Art Producer/Art Buyer/Location Saavy/Negotiation Beast
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In a Nut Shell
Art Producer/Buyer for over 20 plus years, working on location all over the world. Started off with Foote Cone Belding in Chicago, worked at Messner Veter in NY, Recently worked with Target Corporation and other Minneapolis Agencies. Automotive, Food, Fashion, B2B

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Maura is based in Michigan but as she says, “It has an airport!!”

What Do People Who Have Worked With Maura Want You To Know About Her?
Cynthia Thompson
, Vice-President, Marketing/Creative Development at Universal Companies, Inc.
“While working and collaborating with Maura, I found her to be very professional in every aspect of the tasks at hand. Particularly in situations where stress is high and the details are many, she pulled off great photo shoots with the right talent, locations, inventory, accommodations, and meals. Her expertise, attention to detail, ability to lead and easy going personality.”

Jed Smith, Creative consultant & fine artist
Maura is an excellent photo producer with strong planning and execution skills. She is one of the best in understanding the many complex logistics involved in producing a successful photo shoot, and she is skilled in the diplomacy and persuasive skills required of a top notch producer.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
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