Cindy Pardy

Freelance Senior Content + Art Producer

Cindy Pardy
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In a Nut Shell
Cindy is a native New Yorker whose passion for photography and art has grown exponentially since its inception during her art school days where she studied photography and design, took her camera to the streets, managed a photography + art buying department for a publishing house, and then discovered her love of producing for agencies and clients. She has had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of clients including Y&R, BBDO, Havas, Ogilvy, Cole Haan, Land Rover, Snickers, Starbucks, The Art of Shaving, Dove, Dell, and Bank of America, among others.

“We have seen the world evolve from analog to digital, social media platforms have taken off, we’ve witnessed budgets shrink and deadlines shorten; there is always movement that keeps this all very exciting. ”

What Does She Do?
Her art background, experience, and production skills are valuable assets for creative teamwork with agencies and clients directly, both nationally and internationally. •  She has produced traditional content for still shoots, shoots integrated with broadcast production, digital content shoots, social media campaigns and illustration projects, as well as CGI creation for broadcast and print. •  She is well-versed in all facets of art creation and have an enormous wealth of production knowledge and talent base to bring to any project, big or small. •  She is a problem solver, possesses strong negotiation skills, excels at being a team player.  •  Deadlines don’t faze her, and she will test that mystery food on location when in doubt as to its origins.

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Cindy is based in New York and is available to work remotely as well.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Cindy Want You To Know About Her?

Crai Jelniker, Managing Director/Executive Producer at Middle Mile
I worked with Cindy for a little over a year at Y&R in a couple of different capacities. While I EP’d Land Rover I saw Cindy delve into social media space and pull in influencers for various projects needing the new, hot type of talent that everyone wants to help build their brands. Cindy also hired some amazing photographers and artists for various projects, internally and for clients. Her taste level is extremely high and she fights for great work. When I say I worked with her in a couple capacities I should say the second was as her student. She has a wealth of knowledge as an art buyer and producer. She taught me a lot about the art/buying/production discipline. I’m thankful that I got to work with her.

Laura Beckwith, Managing Director at The Garden Party
When I get an email or call from Cindy for an upcoming project I know I can depend on the specs to be clear and to be presented in an efficient manner. I also know that she will deliver all of this in a positive professional and generous manner. It is always a pleasure to work with her. She gives you a clear path on how she needs you to bid with her. By the time you move into awarding the job my artist is already aligned and prepared to give their best work to the project. They also feel like they are part of a strong creative team which allows them to really own their work. Cindy knows this business. She has been there, saw that, and owns the t-shirt! She brings immense knowledge, experience, passion, organization, and talent to her role as Senior Art Producer. I look forward to the next time I get to work with her.

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