Kristen Yiengst


Freelance Art Producer, Buyer and Account Manager
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only.  Please no solicitations.)

In a Nutshell:
Kristen has been a producer since she caught the bug as a 5th grader and was assigned the task of overseeing her reading group’s production of “The Midas Touch.”    While her production expertise varies from art installations to pop-up stores to promotional events to video production, the majority of her experience has been in entertainment (she is the former Creative Director at Island Def Jam Recordings).   She has extensive experience working directly with A-list celebrities, photographers of all levels, fine artists, art directors, video directors, designers, printers and manufacturers as well as marketing and corporate executives.  Open to all creative projects, she is a creative and extremely collaborative team player who thrives on “making it happen.”

What does she do?
Kristen is a full-service Art Producer – from doing research to find the right photographer, director, stylist, location or vendor; to art buying, negotiations, creating estimates, and obtaining clearances; to providing on-set production; and through the post-production phases of overseeing retouching, final file delivery and making sure all parties are paid.   She specializes in still photography and print production, promotional events, installations and video production.

Kristen is also an active equestrian, and can lend an extra hand on shoots involving horses as a consultant on tack and equipment to make sure it is being used properly, as well as to coach new-to-horses models to look comfortable and authentic with their equine counterparts.

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
New York and Surrounding Areas.  She also has a place to stay in Atlanta and LA, but is willing to work remotely or travel anywhere.

What Do People Who Have Worked with Kristen Want You To Know About Her?
William McClure – Operations Manager at Art Department LA
I worked with Kristen, for roughly 10 years, while she was at Island Def Jam, and was hiring my photographers for album packaging and publicity shoots. She was always a pleasure to work with, and truly understands shoot production, including all the complexities that arise when putting a project together. She is excellent at communicating the creative vision, as well as the parameters, of a given project, so what is expected from the shoot, as well as the company, becomes crystal clear. She is a very reasonable negotiator, who understands what not only needs to happen, but how it needs to happen, and what that cost should be. In my opinion, Kristen would be a valuable asset to any company she works with.

Randall McMillan  Experienced Music and Media Law Attorney
Kristen is the person who makes sure that what you originally said that you wanted to get done actually gets done by the creatives that are responsible for execution. She has that unique balance of skills that bridges the mutual appreciation gap between creative geniuses and the senior management that is responsible for producing quantifiable results. If you are in a media, content or solely creative business, things will be better for your organization if you have Kristen as a part of it. I regularly worked closely with her to find solutions to bridge gaps between the creative and the law while I was at Island Def Jam. We worked on very high-profile and high-stakes projects involving very strong creative personalities and Kristen was very adept at collectively crafting workable solutions to meet the organization’s goals while preserving the artistic integrity of the talent’s vision.

Zizi Zarkadas  Agency Owner at Love Artists Agency
I have had the pleasure of working with Kristen on a number of projects for the last 10 years and I cannot even begin to describe what an amazing experience it has been! In a sea of ever changing schedules, tempermental clients and artists, constant changes on concepts, shoots moving from one city to the next within minutes, Kristen has always kept a level head and manages to stay on track, which is not an easy task.

Kirk Edwards – Photographer
Kris has always been a pleasure to work with. Our days working together at Island Def Jam were always full of the unknown, and no matter how crazy the job – we always worked together to find a beautiful creative solution.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?

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