Jain Lemos

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Jain Lemos
(415) 265-8292
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In a Nut Shell
Jain Lemos started producing photography in 1988 with the “A Day in the Life” series of journalistic books which led to her producing the 1998 New York Times #1 bestseller, James Cameron’s Titanic. As an accomplished writer, photo editor, and producer she has managed photography books, stock photo agencies and media productions at international locations, producing nationally recognized images, publications and films. Jain specializes in lifestyle, travel, editorial, documentary and behind-the-scenes projects. She’s also worked on the set of dozens of major TV and motion picture productions as a production coordinator, line producer and location manager.

What Does She Do?
Photography producing, casting, location management, book and magazine production, image research, editing and acquisition, budgeting, cloud-based project management, contract development and negotiation, post-production.

Website/Resume/Other Links
LinkedIn Profile

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Jain is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She can travel around the state and to Arizona, Utah and Texas for productions. Jain’s worked all over California and has special expertise in Mendocino, Sonoma, Marin and Orange Counties if needed.  She is also available to work remotely.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Jain Want You To Know About Her?
April Wolfe, Writer, Maker, Performer
Jain is the rare combination of an exceptional idea woman with follow-through to make things happen. Her attention to detail is as developed as her global sense of development, to have someone overseeing each piece of the puzzle but also knowing where it fits in the grand scheme. If you have a problem, she has three solutions and will work with you to make them viable. She’s knowledgeable across industries, with far-reaching contacts, and she tends to foresee the future, an excellent asset if you’re looking to up your game.

Theodore Greer, Photographer
I can wholeheartedly recommend Jain as having the background, knowledge, and presentation skills to give you the most complete picture of what you will need. From the nitty-gritty of each detail to the important big picture, Jain will guide you through the entire process. Highly recommended.

Richard Turner, Author and Photographer
Jain Lemos makes magic! More than that, she sees what is possible when others might have shied away. She is always there with answers to my many questions and concerns. In short, Jain is a delight and always says, “Richard, it will all work out OK.” It does!

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
Chico’s Spring 2015 Catalog Shoot in Santa Fe for A+ Productions New York.
“Visit California” Campaign for the California Travel & Tourism Commission. 20 days, 30 locations, 1500 miles, 12,000 images.

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