Suzee Barrabee

Suzee_Barrabee_rev_bigIndependent-Freelance Senior Art Buyer / Art Producer
(415) 601-1999
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In a Nut Shell
Suzee spent the majority of her career at Goodby Silverstein & Partners. There, she worked on every major brand that passed through the agency doors – Polaroid, Adobe, Elizabeth Arden Fra- grances, Nike, NBA, Chevrolet, Princess Cruise Line and Chevrolet – to name a few. For eleven years, she was also the leader of an amazing team in the role of Director of Art & Print Production and Associate Partner. She has had the pleasure of working with such diverse talent as Britney Spears and even an alligator.

She is now diving into the freelance world—most recently as a contract worker at Facebook. Her goal is to embrace new challenges, meet talented people and find something to laugh about every day.

What Does She Do?
Defines project goals and then work together to see how we can exceed expectations. • Takes care of the project foundational bits such as scheduling, estimating and negotiating. • Finds the right talented people to make the creative shine. • Manages content creation including photography, illustration, CGI, retouching and simple video shoots. • Resources vendors for all printed or “tactile” projects. • Uses all my experience, knowledge, friendships and connections to problem solve and to figure out creative solutions.

Website/Resume/Other Links
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Blog Post: Notes From a Rep’s Journal
Ten Things To Know About Suzee

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Suzee is based in the San Francisco Bay area but she is available for remote work as well.  She would consider work that required her to be onsite outside of the Bay Area but her preference is to stay local or to work remotely whenever possible.

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