Peter Frederiksen


Freelance Integrated Art Buyer/Producer
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In a Nut Shell
Peter has worked as an art buyer for five years at AbelsonTaylor in Chicago on dozens of photo, illustration, and motion pieces, mostly on high-concept health & wellness accounts. He was also the sole pitch producer, working against tight timelines, so he knows what to do when time isn’t on your side.

What Does He Do?
Under Construction

Website/Resume/Other Links
LinkedIn Profile

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Peter is based in Chicago and he is available for remote work as well.  He would consider work that required him to be onsite outside of Chicago but his preference is to stay local or to work remotely whenever possible.

What Do People Who Have Worked with Peter Want You to Know About Him?
THIS Inc., James Kozar
“Peter is one of the most talented and versatile people I know. I’ve worked with him on countless projects where I need someone who understands broader objectives, as well as the specifics of how they need to be achieved. He is reliable, decisive, a trusty problem solver, and cool under pressure. I can also count on him to speak with clients on sensitive matters on my behalf and maintain a professional yet affable rapport. With his range, I can rely on him to fill whatever role might be required with total confidence that he will use his sensibilities and work ethic to make something great happen.“

What Are Some Fun Projects He Has Worked On?
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