Maggy Lynch-Hartley

Maggy Lynch-Hartley

Freelance Executive Art and Film Producer
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only)

In a Nut Shell
Since 2003, Maggy has been lucky to work at agencies large and small, on both coasts and in the middle, producing content all over the globe.

She thrives on being a resource for my creative teams to identify the perfect partner – whether it is a photographer, director, artist, stylist, animator, editor, illustrator, or production company to bring their idea to life.  Throughout her career she has worked at agencies such as Butler, Since, Stern and Partners, Droga 5 and Ogilvy on clients including automotive, beauty, consumer packaged goods, fashion and tech to name a few.   

What does she do?
Advertising • Animation • AR •  Photo Production • Integrated Content Production • Illustrations •  Art Production • Art History •  Post Production • Video Production  •  Creative Development • Budget Management • Digital Media • Print Media

Website, Resume, and Other Links
Website – password: ProduceThis!

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Maggy is based in Chicago but can work as a local in New York, Cleveland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. She also can work remotely.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Maggy Want You To Know About Her?

Cliff Lewis – Droga5

“Maggy really knows her craft and is one of the most diligent and committed Producers I have ever worked with. Her network and her abilities to lead complex productions are well proven and enviable. Maggy has all the right stuff, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Issac Pagán MuñozExecutive Creative Director at Ogilvy

“Maggy sets the bar high and ensures it stays there. She has deep passion for her work, and what’s more she has world-class taste in both talent and execution. She’s a rare gem, able to manage as much as she is to make at the highest caliber.”

Megan EvansCreative Director at Ogivly & Mather

“Imagine the hardest production of your career; complicated in every way. Timing sucks. Budget sucks. Needs to be breakthrough. Have to shoot off-shore. Have to shoot on-shore. Casting in multiple countries. Need back-up crews to the back-up crews to work sets B and C. Product has to be shipped and get through customs. Photographers. Directors. Illustrators. Food stylists. Clients and more clients. Cost consultants. Dogs. And then imagine not worrying about how it will get done, and knowing it will be the best work, and you’ll have a pretty kick-ass time making it all happen. That’s Maggy.”

Nancy VaznonisGlobal Group Creative Director at Ogilvy

“I adore working with Maggy. In addition to just being fun to work with, she’s also ridiculously good at her job. She’s dedicated, on top of it, and will always find a way to make it happen. She goes above and beyond, and has a genuine love and respect for creatives and their work. Doesn’t matter if it’s a large scale production or a small one, she’s always committed and engaged. She’s the bomb.”

Jenn May RosenSenior Integrated Producer at Ogilvy & Mather

“Maggy is hands down one of the best producers I’ve ever worked with. She brings a sense of calm, fun and efficiency to every job she takes on. On top of being a great producer herself, she excels at mentoring others. No matter how busy she is as an executive producer, she always makes time to be there for other on her team. Anyone would be lucky to work with her as either an EP or department leader.”

Michelle UnderwoodCreative Director at Havas

“I was lucky enough to get to work with Maggy just when I needed her. Hopefully you’ll be so lucky one day too! Maggy of course has the skills. Just look at the work she’s pulled off, the roles she’s played. She knows this business. She’s got it down. From print to video to digital production, Maggy has sharp taste and a deep rolodex. But what thrilled me is her absolute dedication and commitment to the highest level of creative output while simultaneously being calm, confident, collected. Thank goodness! My wild creative wanderings and freak outs really needed that balance of a focused, capable person keeping things on track. And it feels great to know your EP is totally in your corner, making miracles happen, because she believes in the vision. She enhances the vision. Highly recommend. Everyone needs a Maggy. But specifically this one.”

Helen O’NeillDirector of Art Production at TBWA/Media Arts Lab

“Maggy is an all around amazing executive producer. She has a strong eye and a deep knowledge of directors, photographers, illustrators and post vendors. She excels at managing the big picture on each production, mentoring her team and finding solutions to production issues along the way. Through even stressful situations Maggy is able to stay focused and calm. She’s one of the most skilled producers I’ve had the chance to work – she has the magic combination of smarts, flexibility, creatively and caring that produces the best work.”

TJ RyanCreative Innovation at Droga5

“Normally people that are incredibly organized, knowledgable, and efficient are no fun to be around. Not the case with Maggy, an amazing producer, creative and one of the funniest people I know. So good to have a person like this in the business.”

Jerrod McMillinDirector of Production at Marcus Thomas LLC

“Maggy filled in for me as a freelance producer while I was on my honeymoon. I was delighted to return to the office to find that all of my projects were in better shape than I’d left them. Before she left, Maggy handed over a disk of thoroughly organized folders containing the details and files for everything that transpired in my absence. In this profession, it can be difficult to get away without work following you. Maggy managed everything seamlessly and helped make my honeymoon all the more relaxing. Thanks Maggy!”

Kristina MarshallGlobal Marketing and Events

“Amazing, amazing, amazing! Maggy has an impressive collection of knowledge and skills and left a truly positive impression on the Marcus Thomas Production staff and client teams with whom she worked. Always professional, personable and eager to help, it was more than wonderful having her in the office as a freelance producer. She is great at asking questions, communicating, paying attention to all necessary details and problem solving. She has natural talent for the chaotic world of production and can absolutely manage wearing all the different “hats”. I learned a lot from Maggy during her time at MT and am lucky to have not only worked with her but know her.”

Adrian HiltonVP, Creative Director at BET

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Maggy in both a full time and freelance capacity. Maggy is a joy to work with and to know. When it comes to her work she is a true professional. She is optimistic, insightful, and a considerate creative partner. When there are opinions needed she gives them. When there are problems to solve she helps to solve them. Whenever there is a budget to be tweaked she reworks it. She is a problem solver and she is very good at doing so. I have had the honor of working with her before several times and I am looking forward to working with her again in the future. – Sincerely, Adrian Hilton”

Pamela GantSenior Business Manager at TBWA\Chiat\Day

“Having the opportunity to work with Maggy was a great experience. Not only did she utilize her skills and keen eye for talent to deliver on the team’s vision, she offered thoughtful and creative solutions to any and all project needs. She is innovative, highly organized, collaborative, energetic and brings a positive attitude to each project. Maggy is the first person I would call for future production needs.”

Jackie BebenrothEntrepreneur, speaker and advisor for Transformative Brands

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with Maggy on a national fashion pitch that required identifying key photographers in three major markets. Not only did she quickly identify the perfect stylistic options from her lengthy list of photography contacts, but she also worked within a tight timeframe and budgetary restrictions to help us look like rock stars on the day of the pitch.”

Veronica ReoFreelance Producer at 72andSunny

“Maggy is an inspiration to work with. Her love of art extends through all mediums, and she carries this to each project she touches. Her excitement for photography and illustration is contagious, and it spreads from shoots to creatives to producers. She is an invaluable asset to any agency, and to each project she works on.”

Meghan PearsonSenior Art Producer at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles

“Maggie is a self starter. She has a true passion for the creative world and has immersed herself in it. Her intelligence allows her to deal with a variety of situations and she never runs from a problem. She is an amazing art buyer and great collaborator.”

Bill GastingerFreelance Art Producer

“Maggy has a true gift for recognizing talent and facilitating the creative process. While colleagues at Y&R, I watched Maggy produce some of the most inspired creative work at the Agency. She stays calm and collected through sticky situations and understands how to balance the needs of the Client, Agency, and Artists. She is a buttoned-up professional with an infectious positive attitude.

Working along side Maggy, I learned much about Art Buying and business in general, and she is sorely missed in our Department.”

Lori PisaniFreelance Executive / Content Producer

“Maggy is a fantastic art buyer/producer. We worked on several high-profile, large-scale projects together, including a huge product launch that was critical for the client.

She is always buttoned up, on top of all of the details, great at communicating to all the players involved and is a true partner to both the creative and account teams. She brings new ideas and ways of thinking to the table and is always able to make strong recommendations for what talent would be right for the particular job.

Maggy is one of those people who you trust will always get the job done – and done well. She is a true pleasure to work.”

Jan JaworskiCreative Director at Meta

“Working with Maggy for almost two years has been nothing short of a great experience.

We have worked together closely on several projects at Y&R New York. I can vouch that she is extremely knowledgeable about everything from photographers and their reps, to the booking and biding process, to negotiating with the client, planning and executing any type of shoot. Moreover, she cares deeply about the quality of the work and protecting the creative ideas behind it. Whenever we worked together she always helped push the campaign to a better place.

Most importantly, she is an extremely kind, creative and collaborative person…the type of person that BOTH creatives and account managers WANT to work with. And it’s not often you find that.

If I was starting my own agency tomorrow, and could only have one art producer, I’d want Mags on my team.”

Peter KuehnelExecutive Producer / Business Development at Brainsell, Inc.

“Maggy is smart, fun and fearless. Did I mention professional and organized? And a tough but fair negotiator? Very few people love their work as much as Maggy, and it shows in any dealings with her. She sees the good in everyone, making her a joy to be around. Maggy is first class, all the way.”

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