Kellie Bingman

Kellie Bingman
Senior Art Producer
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In a Nut Shell
With years of experience on both the agency and photography sides of the industry, Kellie is an experienced Art Producer/Buyer with extensive production knowledge, from concept through post production. She loves to collaborate with agency creatives and photographers to create impactful images for clients. Among others, Kellie has worked on national and global advertising campaigns for Audi, Samsung, Sony, Land’s End, Polaris, Nationwide, Travelocity, Brown-Foreman, Crocs, Sherwin-Williams, GNC and Dupont Corian.

What Does She Do?
Services include sourcing photographers, artists, stylists and talent. Negotiating and estimating fees/usage. Wrangling legal risks including licensing, copyrights, clearances and talent contracts. Managing schedules, budgets and auditing final billing. On-set liaising between art director/artist/account team and client. Integrating shoots with broadcast for both video and behind the scenes stills. Researching and purchasing stock images. Working with art directors on development for new business pitches, mood boards and presentations. Overseeing post-production, retouching and final file delivery of assets.

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Kellie lives in North Carolina but will happily work anywhere.

What Do People Who Have Worked with Kellie Want You To Know About Her?
Lauren March, Director of Print Production, McKinney:
She is a tier-one producer, an excellent mentor, and a team player. What makes Kellie so exceptional is her technical skillset – sourcing, negotiating, and producing incredibly complex projects combined with her creative vision and ability to find the right talent. She’s spent years developing relationships and connections in the art buying community and has a highly visible presence.

Will Dean, Creative Director, McKinney:
Kellie is a well-trusted resource for all creative projects involving photography, illustration, and video. She has a real connection to the creative need and the artists who can best execute it. She is also highly skilled at helping find stock image sources that don’t suck. An excellent resource for the business aspects of buying, she is a pro at negotiating contracts, licenses, payments, and is highly knowledgeable of all of the legal and business implications of each job. She allows the creative team to focus on the creative, and the account team is always more buttoned up with her involved to help guide the client on all aspects of the art they have purchased or shot. Kellie is that very useful, yet rare combination of creative and business/account partner. She has years of experience at a high level and is a friendly member of any project team.

John Sharpe, President/Owner, Sharpe+Associates:
I have worked with Kellie a number of times over the 15+ years I’ve known her, and truly appreciate the professionalism, transparency and honesty she brings to every project, and the collaborative spirit that she fosters among those involved. She knows as much about production as anyone and uses that knowledge to solve problems and maximize the return on her clients’ production investments while making the process as painless for everyone as possible.

Rebecca Lanthorne, Creative Producer, Airbnb:
She taught me about art buying and commercial photography. Her background as a photographer’s rep, producer and art buyer offered a very fair and respectful approach to creative negotiations and photographer relationships. She loves her work, photography, and photographers, and said to me more than once, “I’m so fortunate. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.”

Janet Northern, Partner and EVP, Director of Agency Communications, McKinney
The industry’s top media outlets for art, photography and content have called on Kellie for years to serve as the agency-side voice of art buying. Her eye is sharp, her opinions sharper for what makes beautifully engaging content consumers will love.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?

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