Jessica Gerweck


 Freelance Senior Art Producer
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only)

In a Nut Shell
Jessica began her career in publishing as a photo researcher at a small children’s book publishing company NYC. On a whim she decided to move to LA where she took a position at TBWA\Media Arts Lab as a photo producer on all things Apple. Projects have ranged from shooting musicians in a studio in London for Apple Music, to sourcing images shot by everyday iPhone uses for the award winning Shot on iPhone 6. She has experience on set with large numbers of talent and aggressive shot lists and has been told she has an uncanny ability to stay calm and collected through it all. A self-described photo obsessive she’s constantly looking at work to gain inspiration, motivation and feel a connectedness to her industry.

What Does She Do?
Art Production / Photo Research / Testing + Full Up Photography Shoots / Lifestyle + Product Photography Shoots / International Production / Estimating + Negotiating Fees and Usage / Shoot Scheduling / Tight Deadlines / Managing Small + Large Scale Budgets / Casting / Talent Contracts / Manage Retouching / Work in Tandem with Broadcast / Vast Knowledge of Photographers + Directors + Illustrators + Digital Artists + Wardrobe and Prop Stylists / Creative Whisperer

Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Jess lives in Los Angeles, CA.  She will work in LA, SF, NYC, Boulder, Austin, Chicago, London, Europe, Hong Kong and remotely but really she’s available to work anywhere for the right project!

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