Desiree Kennedy


Creative Content Producer/Art Producer/Shoot Producer/Casting Director
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In a Nut Shell
Desiree is extremely skilled and resourceful, from estimating to actualizing. She has built solid relationships with her vendors from Model Agents, Location Scouts, Hair/Makeup/Stylists, Caterers, CGI houses, Retouchers, etc., all providing great assistance to her successful productions. Her client list covers all genres of photography; fashion, beauty, lifestyle, celebrity, food and still life.

Desiree energetically takes on all projects, big, small, studio and location with great enthusiasm and professionalism. From campaign launches, multiple campaign shoots, one time projects or coordination of a photo shoot, each project is managed with attention to the smallest detail. Her experience has taken her many places, working with a variety of personalities and when presented with challenges, she has the ability to think creatively and implement the solutions.

What Does She Do?
Estimates jobs based on creative content & managing budgets •  Pre-production and shoot scheduling • Researches and hires support crew (Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, Wardrobe Stylists, Prop/Set Designers, Assistants, Digital Techs, Video Crews and CGI Artists) • Creative re-sourcing and problem solving • Negotiates talent fees and contracts • Coordinates travel and accommodations. Purchases stock imagery • Researches Photographers and Art Buying • Casts models & actors (union & non union) • On set coordinating of crew & talent • Post production coordination & implementing deadlines •  Billing and expediting of final invoices.

Website/Resume/Other Links
Desiree’s Website
LinkedIn Profile
Desiree Blog

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Desiree is based in NYC but happy to travel for shoots as needed.  She will also work remotely.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?

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