Chelsea Gold

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Independent-Freelance Senior Art Buyer / Art Producer
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In a Nut Shell
A freelancer since early 2015, Chelsea has worked as a local in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. She’s had the opportunity to travel as far as China and as close as her best friend’s apartment in Boston for projects both big and small.

She’s been lucky to work on a wide range of clients including Apple, Bank of America, Dunkin Donuts, Pepperidge Farms, Land Rover, Cetaphil, Liberty Mutual, and various pharmaceutical brands. A lover of photography since high school, she’s been able to work on anything from in-­house table top shoots, to large broadcast productions, to a multi­day production on a mountain-top only accessible by Snow Trac in Aspen, to 19 hour electronic shoots in a top secret studio in Los Angeles.

If you’re lucky (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) she will show you the excessive number of photos of her dog Furnando, that she keeps in her phone.

What Does She Do?
Art Production + Art Buying • Photo Research • New Business Pitches • Hiring of illustrators, CG Artists, Muralists • Agency + Client­side Production •  Estimating and Budget Negotiations • Some very bad writing for her blog •  Excessive Instagramming

Website/Resume/Other Links
Cargo Collective
LinkedIn Profile
Personal Fitness Blog

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Chelsea lives in New York City.  She will work remotely and depending on the project could work as a local in Los Angeles, Boston,or San Francisco. She loves to travel and would really go anywhere for the right project.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
• Traveling to China for 2 weeks to work as a broadcast producer on an Apple project for Media Arts Lab. The shoot started at midnight and ended the next day at 7 pm on the 30th anniversary of the Mac. All footage was sent via direct feed to Ridley and Jake Scott working in Los Angeles.

•  Hanging out with the Red Sox during Spring Training in Fort Myers, FL.

•  Hiring professional birds (and their handlers) for a project to be used in the UAE. One talent ­ a bird named Gretel ­ had digestive issues all over a lovely dish dash.

•  Dunkin’ Donut shoots. So many donuts. So much time to eat them on set. is merely a search tool. Heather Elder Represents, while providing this tool, has not vetted any of the freelancers.  Any experience Heather Elder Represents has with the freelancers personally is not shared on this site and booking a freelancer found here is done so knowing that appearing here is not an endorsement from Heather Elder Represents.

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