Amy Yvonne Yu

Freelance Art Buyer • Producer • Creative Consultant

Amy Yvonne Yu
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In a Nut Shell
Having worked alongside Albert Watson, Cass Bird, Jill Greenberg, The Selby, etc. in the photography industry, Amy has extensive experience agency (AKQA, ATTIK, FCB, etc.), production and client side across different mediums: stills, video and experiential (projections mapping, holograms, events) since 2002. Amy has given many talks and interviews regarding the ever changing trends in image creation across different platforms.

Website/Resume/Other Links
Interview + Press
Art Producer Amy Yvonne Yu Looks at How the Internet Changed Imagery

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Amy is based in San Francisco, available to work globally. She also speaks Italian, French, and Chinese.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Amy Want You To Know About Her?
The Selby,
Photographer & Director
Amy is the best producer I have ever worked with.
Amy is a dog with a bone.
Amy gets it done and nothing gets in her way.
Amy can produce, bake, dj and kick ass.

Chris Buck, Photographer
Amy Yvonne Yu is unique amongst Art Buyers and Producers in commercial photography. On top of the extensive knowledge and experience that she brings there is also an amazing passion for creativity and powerful imagery. Her curiosity about people and our world is an invaluable resource that will undoubtedly connect her with clients, creatives and photographers.

Arturo Lindbergh, Senior Motion Designer. AKQA.
Amy is a real asset to any team, bringing cross continent experience at all levels of production. I had the pleasure of working with Amy over a year at AKQA and directly on a few notable projects. During the Visa FIFA 2014 World Cup campaign Amy really shined; working out the budget on a truncated timetable while wrangling talent and logistics across 32 countries. When things got scary – She pulled some magic with her world of contacts and made the deliverables come in on time. Just small potatoes. On top of all this Amy is super nice, personable and has great sense of humor. I’m sad to see her go – Super Stars need to shine. Amy brings it. You would be lucky to have her on board.

Tony Vazquez,  Creative Strategist, Facebook
Amy is all pro. From identity designers to illustrators to high fashion photographers, Amy knows where to go and who to talk to. She has a great eye and a natural sensibility for getting the right artist for the job. Plus, her Iron Fist negotiating technique makes sure the job stays within budget. Highly recommended.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
Air Jordan All Star Weekend 2014 • Black Sesame • Dr. Octagon Flying Waterbed music video • Edible Selby • Fashionable Selby • Justin Timberlake x Levi’s • Live in Levis global films • Visa FIFA Samba of the World films. is merely a search tool. Heather Elder Represents, while providing this tool, has not vetted any of the freelancers.  Any experience Heather Elder Represents has with the freelancers personally is not shared on this site and booking a freelancer found here is done so knowing that appearing here is not an endorsement from Heather Elder Represents.

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