Tanya Hotton

Tanya Hotton

Freelance Producer / Senior Art Buyer / Art Producer / Creative Producer
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In a Nut Shell
Tanya Hotton has a genuine passion for production. Her versatility allows her to integrate print, broadcast, and online projects seamlessly: she is responsible for all aspects of art buying, and photo and video production. Producing shoots for consumer advertisers worldwide that range in cost from thousands to millions of dollars, Tanya is an expert at stretching a buck and getting the most out of a tight deadline. Her stellar organizational and interpersonal skills are driven by a thoughtful, professional approach. That’s how Tanya has created successful, collaborative relationships with creatives, clients, noted photographers and talent around the world.

What does she do?
Agency/client side producer • Assist is creation of campaigns from inception through retouching and everything that comes in-between: sketches, sourcing photographers/directors, estimating, negotiating, casting, locations, pre pro, travel, research, on-set management, schedules, post production.

Website, Resume, and Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Tanya is based in New York and is willing to work as a local in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She’s also available for projects anywhere in the US and worldwide.

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?

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