Nick Bologna

Nick Bologna
Freelance Creative Producer

In a Nut Shell
I am a creatively minded producer based in NYC who enjoys bringing order to the chaotic. I have had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects from high-end commercial fashion campaigns to content for non-profit organizations, pharmaceutical campaigns as well as editorial photo shoots. I’ve worked with markets all over the globe and managed teams of all sizes. I’ve worked as a freelance producer for the last year. In the past I’ve been on staff at Saatchi Wellness, Kramer + Kramer, and Art Partner.

Website/Resume/Other Links
Nick Bologna Resume

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Nick is based in New York and is open to working worldwide. He’s produced locally in NYC, and LA. I’ve also produced remotely for shoots in Mexico, Costa Rica, Milan, and Japan.

What Are Some Fun Projects He Has Worked On?
Can be found on his website!


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