Kimber Leigh Nussbaum

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Freelance Art Buyer and Producer

In a Nut Shell
Kimber is freelance Art Buyer and Photography Producer in Chicago.  Prior to going freelance, she was an in-house Producer and Studio Manager for tabletop and food photographer, Dave Jordano for 4 years and then an Art Buyer at Ogilvy Chicago for 5 years.

Since going freelance, she has been fortunate to work in many of Chicago’s top agencies including: Abelson Taylor, CAHG, Y&R Chicago, VSA Partners, The Marketing Store, Two x Four, Geometry Global, Wunderman, Cavalry Agency, FCB, PR%F, the internal agency for Beam Suntory.  She has also worked as a Producer with Quriosity Productions and Kim Knight Productions.

Some of her favorite work includes photography and videos for, the 2014 FIFA McDonald’s french fry cups, Kraft’s “Twist that Dish” online campaign and American Express’ “Shop Small” window stickers for Chicago, Seattle and the New England area.  She is also the founder of The Art Buyer’s of Chicago (ABC’s) Club. Meeting about 4 times a year for cocktails, camaraderie and networking.

She is based in Chicago, can work as a local in Kansas City and is interested in working remotely for agencies, should the need arise.

What Does She Do?
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Website/Resume/Other Links

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Kimber is based in Chicago, can work as a local in Kansas City and she is available for Remote work as well.

What Do People Who Work With Kimber Want You To Know About Her?

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?
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