Greg Carter

Greg Carter
Integrated Art Producer (Photo + Video) & Director of Creative Content
Edgewise Pictures

In a Nut Shell

Hey, I produce art.
I’ve managed the art production for award-winning advertising at Wieden+Kennedy, Arnold Worldwide, & Modernista.
I founded a video production company called Semi-Automatic.
I’ve been responsible for complex automotive productions with budgets in excess of $1 million.
I’ve produced content for the most recognized brands in the world (e.g. Nike, Coke, Cadillac).
I assist agencies looking for expertise in facilitating productions for their clients.
I partner with brands that need world-class visual content for their marketing communications.
I will make all of your dreams come true.
All of them.

What Does He Do?
Creative collaboration • Artistic problem solving • Full production management from concept to asset delivery • Photo & video art direction • Expert negotiation and budget management • Specialization in photography, CGI, video, and hybrid (photo+video) productions • Illustration production • Image research • Licensing of stock photography and footage • Complete post-production and editing management

Website/Resume/Other Links
Edgewise Pictures

Where Does He Live and Where Would He Work?
Greg is based in Boston and available to work in any city that your heart desires. Also remotely.

What Are Some Fun Projects He Has Worked On?

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