Want to be on the site?

Here is a list of what you need to email us so we can create your profile page.

And, if you need time to gather all of your items, that is ok, just email us your name, city, contact information and website (if you have one) and we can create your profile page so you can at least have a presence.  A picture would even be helpful but not necessary.

1)  A photo of you.

2) Your website, phone number and email.
(If you do not have a website, that is ok. If you have a LinkedIn account, we can use that link instead. Otherwise, we will just skip this)

3) What is your freelance title?
For example: Independent Freelance Senior Art Buyer / Art Producer

4) A blurb that shares with the reader what you do in a Nut Shell.
For example: Marissa has been an art producer for 20 years and has worked at award winning agencies such as Butler Shine & Stern, TBWA\Chiat\Day in LA and MVBM/Euro in NYC on automotive, banking, packaged goods and technology accounts.

3) What do you do? For example:
Advertising • Photo Production • Integrated Content Production • Art Production• Post Production • Creative Development • Budget Management • Digital Media • Print Media

5) Any website links to your resume, your website, blog posts or other places that information appears online about you.

6)  Jpgs of any tearsheets that you have to share.  If you do not have any, consider screen grabs from other websites.

7) The city in which you live.

8) The cities you are interested in working. This is important because your page will be tagged for all the cities in which you are willing to go and work. This does not mean traveling on a shoot to this city, this means, going to that city to work in their offices located in that city. If you live in San Francisco are you willing to be considered for a job that entails you working at an agency in Boston?

You can also note that you are interested in working remotely. So, if you are not interested in actually working at an agency in Texas, you would however work for them remotely. Which ever cities you choose, will place you in consideration for work in that city by appearing on the pages for those cities. For example, if you indicate that you will work in Los Angeles, NYC, SF, and Remote, any user clicking on those pages will find you listed there as well as your home city.

9)  Any references or blurbs that people have written about what it is like to work with you.

FreelanceArtProducer.com is merely a tool for searching for freelance art producers and Heather Elder Represents, while providing this tool, has not vetted any any of the freelancers. Any experience Heather Elder Represents has with the freelancers personally is not shared on this site and booking a freelance found here is done so knowing that appearing here is not an endorsement from Heather Elder Represents.