Shena Hickman


Freelance Senior Art + Content Producer

(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only)


In a Nut Shell
Shena graduated from Drexel University with a BS in Interior Design and a minor focus in business law, painting and photography.

She spent the past 19 years working in music, advertising, fashion and publishing; producing a range of BIG and small still and video projects domestic and abroad. For cool brands like Rolex, PUMA, got Milk?, Cole Haan, Maybelline, Andrew Jergens, Facebook/Instagram, Ford, GMC, Samsung, Verizon, Kraft Foods, Nestle Lean Cuisine, Finlandia Vodka, Diageo Smirnoff, Bank of America, HSBC and Brand USA.

Shena handles celebrity talent and brand contract negotiations with top models, actors and photographers as well.

She has a keen eye for photography as well as a capable fashion stylist. She is really organized, really good with clients and really really good with budgets and staying on schedule.

What Does She Do?
Under Construction

Website/Resume/Other Links
LinkedIn Profile
Shena’s Website
Blog Post: Notes From a Rep’s Journal

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Shena is based outside of NYC but she is available for  work in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, Italy and Remote (Just to name a few!). She will go anywhere for a super cool project/brand.

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