Sharon Kuerschner


Senior Art Buyer/ Art Producer
415 425 1533
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only.  Please no solicitations.)

In a Nut Shell
Sharon embarked on her advertising career in Australia at Young and Rubicam. In the late ’90’s she and her husband moved to San Francisco to pursue opportunities in the US where she had the privilege to work at such places as:  OWNP, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, GAP, Apostrophe, Popgun Design, BBDO, Eleven, Apollo Group.  Clients include: Mitsubishi Motors, EA Sports, Teva, Joe Boxer, GAP, Saturn, Adobe, Haagen Daz, Visa, Hewlett Packard, UOPX, Oakley, Aria Resort & Casino, Dignity Health.  She loves meeting new people, new opportunities and mostly enjoys bringing beautiful creative ideas to life.

What Does She Do?
Manages location & stills photography, illustration and execution of digital assets to be used across media platforms •  Sources & purchases stock images with focus on obtaining pricing efficiencies •  Establishes and maintain relationships with vendors nationally and internationally • Manages scheduling, budgets, pre-production and post production tasks •  Negotiates fees and image/talent licensing based upon required terms • Co-ordinates locations and permitting specific to each project •  Ensures digital naming conventions and file organization is correctly structured •  Manages final image color correction and retouching for deliverables. • Provides collected usage rights documentation and asset management services as required •  Reconciles and finalizes billing •  Is a great team player, offers solutions and always ready with a plan B • Always brings a bright cheerful and positive attitude!

Website/Resume/Other Links
Sharon Kuerschner Resume

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Sharon is an Aussie who lives and works in San Francisco.  She works locally within the Bay Area and is available to travel for shoots.

Where Do People Who Have Worked with Sharon Want You To Know About Her?
Sarah Mockus, Freelance Production Design Specialist/Studio Manager
I’ve worked closely with Sharon since 2011, partnering with her on dozens of projects. She is a highly skilled and conscientious professional, deeply knowledgeable in all aspects of art buying and print production. Sharon has a natural ease about her and brings a sense of calm to what can often be a high-stress, chaotic environment – she is an absolute pleasure to work with and a joy to have on your team. Any company would benefit from her expertise.

Melissa Hunter, Senior Manager, BRFS North American Marketing Strategy
In the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to work with Sharon on several large, complex projects. Sharon is an amazing partner. She is thoughtful, well organized and brings great insights to each project. Sharon’s attention to detail and technical knowledge ensured our work was the highest quality. I would love an opportunity to work with Sharon again.

Michael Fiore, Group Creative Director, Intel Global at McGarry Bowen, SF
Sharon and I have worked together on a number of occasions on Saturn and HP while we were both at Goodby, and most recently on a new print campaign for Visa at Eleven, Inc. Knowing that Sharon was available to work on our project for Visa was such a relief. She is amazing, diligent, resourceful and a true pleasure to work with.

Margaret Brett-Kearns, Executive Interactive Producer at Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Sharon is a talented art buyer and print producer. We worked together at GSP on the HP account. Sharon managed her projects in both functional areas thoroughly and with aplomb. Having managed HP well, she is up to any challenge thrown her way.

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