Jamie Appelbaum

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Independent-Freelance Senior Art Buyer / Art Producer

(310) 487-6414
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In a Nut Shell
As a photography rep for several years and then an art producer, Jamie has been on both sides of the production team.  She is able to understand the needs from both the photographers perspective and the agency perspective, which gives her a unique insight to running a smooth and fair project.

She started her art production career at Team One in El Segundo, CA. working on building one of the most successful brands in recent history; Lexus.   They set the bar for the work to come.

Since moving to NY, she has worked at some great agencies Ogilvy, Publicis, tbwa/Chiat, BBH, Deutsch, McGarry Bowen where she worked on accounts both big and small including, IBM, SAP, Cadillac, Verizon, JP Morgan/Chase, Marriott, Chevron, SPDR Financial, Ford, and Got Milk.

She has worked all of the world, and prides herself on finding the right photographer, illustrator or CGI designer for the project. She sees the creative as the most important factor at the same time as considering the client’s expectations, budgets, schedules and over all goals.

Her first ECD, Tom Cordner,  told her something that stuck with her when she first started on Lexus.  “Don’t give the client what they want, give them what they never dreamed possible.”  This is Jamie’s silent mantra.

What Does She Do?
Works with creative, production, account teams and clients to source the best photographers,illustrators, CGI companies and production teams to ensure the highest quality visual content for all printed, OOH, digital, electronic and non SAG video content.

Website/Resume/Other Links
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Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Jamie is based in the NYC and she is available for Remote work as well.  She will consider working on-site in other cities if it is a long term project (3 or more months).

What Are Some Fun Projects She Has Worked On?

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Delta breaks Guinness Book of World Records with largest thank you note ever.
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