Erika Henke

Freelance Photo Shoot & Art Producer
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only. Please no solicitations.) 

In a Nut Shell
An accomplished producer and project manager with over fifteen years of global experience in fashion, commercial photography and video, Erika manages and directs teams of talented photographers, videographers, stylists, hair & makeup and digital retouchers generating work across all media. Growing up in the “make it happen, make it great” era of advertising, she sweats the details that often spell the difference between good and great. Savvy, driven, and resourceful, while maintaining calm under fire, Erika brings the kind of positive energy to problem solving that elevates a project beyond expectations. Channeling added value into the final product, she works to provide the best experience for clients, cast and crew.
On time. And within budget.

What Does She Do?
On set, on location or in house. Ad agency to corporate. Oversees production and project management of studio and location shoots. Liaison between photographer, director, crew, agency and corporate to propel creative concept through to execution. Manages entire process:  staffing shoots, wrangling layouts, updates and budgets, booking models, securing locations and sourcing large props. Hands-on experience in juggling multiple sets (fashion and product), location scouting, props, permits, styling, scheduling, estimates, cost negotiation, billing, usage agreements, stock/music purchasing, casting, research, equipment rentals, merch coordination, craft services, creative direction, crewing, editing and image management. Jobs have ranged from Advertising, Preprint, Magazine, Catalog, Store Graphics and Direct Mail to Video and Internet.

Website/Resume/Other Links
LinkedIn Profile

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Erika lives in Dallas but is available to work onsite in AustinTexas, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Remote. Have work? She also has a passport and is eager to travel out of the country as long as accommodations could be provided.

What DO People Who Work With Erika Want You To Know About Her?

Erin Faison Fashion Photographer: Erika is a delight to work with. Along with her positive energy, she brings order to the chaos big projects bring. When she is producing my job, I can let go of all the minutia that distracts me from the creative process. Her attention to detail is impeccable!

Jill Broussard Advertising Photographer: Working with Erika means putting all of your trust and worries into the hands of a seasoned professional. She’s seen, heard, and done it all, and is able to see and smooth the wrinkles before they get started. On every job we’ve worked, she’s been a fully-engaged set of eyes and ears for me, and I’ve always felt 100% better having her on any production.

Amber McGuire Creative Director/Owner of INK Graphic Design + Creative Consulting: Need a top-notch producer that is organized, detailed and thinks of EVERYTHING? …then Erika Henke is your gal! Erika has an amazing ability to get the job done – on time, on budget and with a smile. Your project couldn’t be in better hands!

Elizabeth Brown Art Director: Erika is one of the best producers I have ever had. She really hustles and knows exactly how to get things done. She tracks down information, organizes our days and makes sure to stay on top of any issues that occur. She makes my job easier and less stressful so that I can focus on art directing and not have to stress about the details. She is an essential part of any team and bring a sense of “gettin’ it done” to every set. She does her work with a smile on her face and I love working with her.

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