Christina Madry

CM 9.13 2

  Founder | Art Producer | Creative Project Manager
(347) 731-8822
(remember, contact info is for job opportunities only.  Please no solicitations)


In a Nut Shell
With experience in New York, Paris and London, Christina has a global network in the fashion industry. She is an alumnus of Hampton University where she received a B.Sc. in Marketing.  She is also an alumnus of the Central St. Martins Masters of Arts program in London.

With a global background in Luxury and Art Production, Christina is highly knowledgeable in the business of fashion.

In addition to her ongoing global production work, Christina created the fashion start-up, which is a platform that simplifies the casting process but also sparks the conversation about diversity in the fashion industry.

To learn more about Modelogs, you can link to Modelogs Moment,  which is an original series and shot throughout the globe.

What Does She Do?
 Art Production · Castings · Sourcing New & Emerging Talent · Global Market Research · Design Thinking Methodologies · Managing Art Budgets (50k to 1 million) · Project Management · Digital and Online Production · Market Research

Website/Resume/Other Links
LinkedIn Profile

Where Does She Live and Where Would She Work?
Christina is based in NYC and is available to work  in Miami, Los Angeles, Portland and Globally as well.

What Do People Who Have Worked With Christina Want You To Know About Her?
Bernice Clark Bonnett/ SVP, Marketing at Macy’s
Christina and I worked together at Macy’s Corporate Marketing.  I always found her to be extremely professional, innovative and talented in how she approached model castings overall, as well as specifically reflecting the diverse customer base at Macy’s.
January 25, 2015, Bernice worked with Christina at Macy’s Corporate Marketing New York

Nadia-Anne Ricketts/Woven Textile Artist – Director, BeatWoven
I worked with Christina on an exhibition she was curating in New York. Christina and I met while being nominated in the same category at the Creative Enterprise Awards in 2012 by the University of the Arts London.  We both attended Central St. Martins for our M.A. and were offered an opportunity with a business coach to further develop our businesses. It was during this process that Christina expressed interest in featuring my work in an exhibition. I found Christina a pleasure to work with, she communicated well, was extremely professional and knowledgeable in her field. Over time she proved to be trust worthy and someone I would definitely work with again.

José Estévez García/Innovation Manager
Christina has a special skill that I have found in few people: A smart sensitivity, a quality that, in my opinion, makes her specially gifted to work in creative fields related to social issues.  Her hardworking example was an inspiration for many people in the MA we shared at Central Saint Martins. I would also highlight her great communication skills and her empathy, essential to succeed in multinational and multicultural environments.

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